What is NorSA?

NorSA Community Care is a NPO (067-662) and a Designated Child Protection Organization registered by the Department of Social Development: Western Cape as required in the Children’s Act, Act 38 of 2005.

NorSA was established during 2006 in co-operation with PROCARE and Children of the Word Norway. The main focus of the organization is changing the destiny of families and children in need. NorSA develops, manages and facilitates community based projects investing in the lives of children to ensure that they have ample opportunities to develop to their full potential.

Focus Areas

NorSA Manages community based projects mainly in the townships of Wellington, De Doorns and Sandhills.

Dynamics in these areas

NorSA Community Care
  • High prevalence of unemployment
  • Overpopulation
  • Extreme poverty
  • Very poor living conditions
  • High prevalence of HIV infection
  • No recreational activities for children
  • Children deprived from their most basic needs
  • High prevalence of children who do not complete their school career
  • Children with no hope or dreams for a future
  • Children exposed to destructive lifestyles i.e drug abuse, violence and crime
  • Ophaned or abandoned children with no care option

Break the Cycle

NorSA’s holistic approach ensures that we reach children on all levels and that they are afforded ample opportunities to develop to their full potential. All the children we are involved with, have the potential to make a success of their lives. They however need us to invest in their lives and to provide them with the necessary opportunities.

The sustaining of these programmes is of utmost importance as it proves to break the negative, destructive cycle.

Each donor and contributing organization is touching the life of a child and is investing in the future of a child who has the potential, but lacks the opportunities. .